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Shenyang more than 15 years old lift government subsidies given to maintenance

Editor: KuaiKe Date: 2016-1-11 Browse: 2103
"Overage service" "poor maintenance" is often the cause of elevator accident, although no elevator scrapped a prescribed period, but greater than 15 years of elevator risks. More than 15 years and no residential housing maintenance fund, who will assume the elevator renovation and maintenance costs?

     January 8, in the city-fifth session of the Fourth Session of the NPC, Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang Network reporter interviewed the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Chen Hong. Chen Hong said: "Shenyang plans to use five years, the transformation of maintenance 1296 more than 15 years of civil elevator, no district maintenance fund, transformation maintenance costs borne by the owners, two municipal governments, district will provide appropriate assistance."