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City Express: modular elevator installation is successful as long as a half hour

Editor: KuaiKe Date: 2015-12-25 Browse: 5601
     August 13, 2014, "Fuzhou Evening News" headlines "Fuzhou Daily" news edition 2, have published a message: the morning of the day before, the rule of Gulou District Road Provincial Finance Dormitory Building 2, installed a steel integrated modular structure elevator. "Fuzhou Evening News" reports at the time like this:

    "Scene, a crane, several workers, several steel cube. I saw the crane lifted the cube, accurately placed to reserve a good position in the 'leader' organizations, workers dressed in blue overalls and began to clear the field put on the helmet ready construction. then, the first frame with a crane lifts steel was lifted, followed by up to place the second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter ...... so, a nine-storey the elevator shaft installed, the entire installation process took only 1 hour 20 minutes, which makes research to learn the old buildings to install elevators Hangzhou and Nanjing guests breathtaking ......

     "It is understood that, recently, following the relevant departments of Ningbo tour Jung investigation after Hangzhou and Nanjing relevant departments and enterprises have to observe the group consisting of Fuzhou, the learning experience of the old buildings to install elevators in this livelihood projects.

    "Read the entire installation process, site of Hangzhou Urban and Rural Construction Committee responsible person Kim said: '! Short construction period, the noise is not, the installation of speed, really good", he said, better than he imagined, the Jung not only to observe the scene, but also to learn more about the installation of an elevator in the old buildings in Fuzhou experiences and models, because there are a lot of Hangzhou on the old buildings built in the eighties and nineties urgent installation of elevators ...... "

    This report is the main title "means the elevator is like building blocks of old buildings," "completion of the relevant approval within eight working days, construction fast as more than 50 days, the guests praised the Jiangsu and Zhejiang 'Fuzhou Mode" subheading. This old story passed out three pieces of information:

    First, the elevator can already do a few hours to install, from piling to construction needs only 50 days.

    Second, Hangzhou authorities had already been taken out. (It is understood, Fuzhou is now recognized as the best old buildings to install elevators to promote the city, the old building to install an elevator over 1000.)

    Third, as long as adequate attention, open areas, "the relevant approval eight working days to complete," can be done.

What is modular elevator?

    I telephone yesterday, the company general manager Zhang Fan, Zhang introduced, they are Fuzhou local elevator companies, building-block elevator in April 2011 successfully developed. Fuzhou, the old buildings to install elevators, 70% use the building block.

Reporter: What is modular elevator?

    Zhang: stands for "modular steel elevator with integration," because the installation is simple, as long as the elevator with a steel frame steadily, like building blocks can be installed. Modular elevator area is a traditional old building elevator 1/3, you can load 630 kg.

    Reporter: How much is packed in a station?

    Zhang: about 50 million.

    Reporter: will affect the ventilation and lighting it? How about the noise?

    Zhang: Because of the small elevator area, almost does not affect ventilation and lighting, noise is a little, but not cause too much impact on the living.

Old buildings to install elevators

Fuzhou Why can run in front of the country?

    First, start early. Fuzhou is the first introduction of the old district policy one additional lift capital city.

    July 2010, the Fujian Provincial Housing and Construction Office issued "Guidance on urban Existing Residential additional lift," which called around the city, the details of implementation, the guidance provides both residential Fujian Province, as long as you meet the planning, building structure and fire etc., can be an additional lift.

    November 16, 2012, the Government forwarded Fuzhou Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, "a number of opinions on both residential Fuzhou additional elevator (provisional) of the notice."

Fuzhou retrofitting old buildings old lift policy has the following main highlights:

    A 5-storey will be able to install the application.

     Household top floor entrance height from ground level outdoor design over 16 meters higher than the number of layers or five layers (including 5 layers), and the addition of an elevator in the existing residential land land red line, can apply for the installation of elevators, the relevant departments should simplify approval procedures, and reduce costs.

    Second, the completion of eight working days for approval.

     Municipal Administrative Service Center set up in the city, "both residential elevator installation" window, the implementation of "one-stop" service, specifically to receive and handle old buildings retrofitted approval procedures, and counseling. Original application to declare the old buildings to install elevators only need to submit window construction units (the owners) proposed the original power of attorney and agent ID card copy, Elevator publicity materials and other relevant evidence, eight working days can apply complete.

    Third, the cost-sharing by layer, can be extracted fund.

       Specifically sharing formula is: a story generally do not pay (occasionally a small amount of money in the case of the second floor), three or more, each additional layer on one stop money. To alleviate the burden of costs residents to install an elevator, Fuzhou provides fund can be used to extract the full installation of elevators.

    (According to the modular elevator company Zhang Fan, general manager of introduction, they have installed an elevator, some three began each increment of 20%, some high-level increased by 1 per million. The most common is a unit on the third floor about household bear twenty thousand seven eight fourth floor of the household about thirty-three thousand or so, the more the higher up, the sixth floor some five or six million households Tandao possible.)

How much government gives subsidies? Some cities, some do not

How many people agree can be installed? Most of the implementation of "two-thirds" principle

    Guangzhou, the "owner exclusive parts accounting for more than two-thirds of the construction area and more than two thirds of the total number of owners," the installation of the elevator as a "home-improvement", need to agree, based on factors such as where the floor by the owner Scale of certain co-financing, co-financed by the owners Scale consultation.

    Shanghai started a pilot from 2009, the old residential buildings to install elevators, funded mainly by the Government (40 per cent will enjoy government subsidies, up to no more than 24 per million), after extending the coverage of households as well as old buildings sale proceeds .

    September 7, 2009, Xiamen enacted "on a number of old residential elevator installation guidance," the highest government subsidies to 50%, in addition, "should apply for the installation of an elevator by this ladder, Housing unanimous written consent of the owner."

    In 2013, the Nanjing Municipal Government issued "Interim Measures for the addition of Nanjing Existing Residential Elevator", the implementation of "more than two-thirds of the owners consent" principle.

    From March 1, 2015, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission issued, newly rebuilt four (or more) residential buildings, must be suitable for the old design, including installing an elevator emergency call device, install handrails. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission has defined the residential building additional external elevator standards.

Hangzhou is currently no specific policies

But it has done a lot of work

    Hangzhou City Housing Authority housing security and rebuild do Yangke Zhang said that early in 2010, Hangzhou, housing management, Construction, planning and other related departments on a joint expedition went to Guangzhou, Guangzhou was the old district have plug-in elevators, but also modular or sightseeing elevator, a variety of forms. Then, by the Legislative Affairs Office led the drafting of the Hangzhou old cell installation of elevators Interim Measures, was also submitted to the authorities.

    In recent years, the annual NPC and CPPCC proposals on the old cell are also many additional lift, but in the end not issued the relevant documents.

    Relevant government departments are concerned about the possibility of multi-storey residential whether additional elevator and expand research, has also drafted "Hangzhou Existing Residential Elevator additional Interim Measures (draft)", and the draft has been repeatedly demonstrated. However, the "approach" has not yet been formally introduced.

    Last August, Hangzhou City Housing Authority, the Construction Committee and other relevant departments to investigate Fuzhou, back to Hangzhou also discussed the feasibility of several programs, but no final conclusion.

    Yangke Zhang said, the old district of Hangzhou has yet to lift additional relevant policies and documents.

    The old district to install an elevator, at least to get the "two certificates": "construction project planning permit" and the Construction sector planning department presented "construction permit", but "two certificates" could barely approved.

    Yangke Zhang cited an example, the addition of old residential elevator What is the nature? No policy basis because, of course, can not be approved planning department.

    The end of March last year, a report on "the city's existing multi-storey residential elevator additional policy survey" appears on the Hangzhou city government portal, the installation of an elevator a few of the most important questions for public comment. For example: How many owners agree to install an elevator? How funds apportioned? How to share the different floors? How to solve the ventilation and lighting?

    "How many owners agreed that" there are three options: The unit owner's consent, and consent of the owners of the buildings of the residential property owners agree. Agreed proportion: more than half, and more than two thirds of all the owners of three. At present, Hangzhou tend to all the owners agree.

    About how funds assessed problems, Hangzhou authorities drafted an interim basis was put forward two options: First, the owners bear 30% government subsidy of 70%; the second is to bear 80% of the owners, government subsidies 20%.

    How to share the different floors? Questionnaire options are 4: 1 underlying tenants do not assume the remaining floor tenants shared equally; 2 underlying tenants do not assume the remaining floor tenants by a certain factor assessed; 3 each floor tenants shared equally; 4 on each floor of the household by a certain factor assessed.....

Ended questionnaire in early April, authorities left a message on the Internet:

"We will combine the majority of public opinion, serious research, brainstorming, put forward policy proposals, the introduction of the pilot, a really good job of both multi-storey residential elevator additional related work."