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Fast elevator company annual meeting held in the year 2015

Editor: KuaiKe Date: 2016-2-6 Browse: 2667

  Time flies, but also through the snow season, time change, when the New Year is just romantic! February 5, Fuzhou fast elevator company held fast Enterprise Branch 2015 annual work summary and the 2016 work plan of the General Assembly. Zhang Fan, chairman of concluding speech to do the work, and the 2016 work schedule put forward expectations.
   In the afternoon, fast elevator company also held a gala banquet, Zhang Fan, chairman and corporate leaders attended, and all employees and had a memorable and fun night.
    At 9:00 on the 5th, the company annual meetings start on time, Zhang Fan, chairman of the staff to the new year greetings. Fuzhou fast elevator Industrial Company and its subsidiary companies, and department heads were at the annual meeting for the 2015 annual summary report and 2016 work plan and make arrangements. 

    Zhang Fan, chairman finally made an important speech. He said the fast branch enterprises from scratch, to now become a leading enterprise in Fujian elevator, rely on entrepreneurial responsibility. He hoped that soon every person should have a department responsible entrepreneurship, fight in 2016 so that the company's performance to a new level.
    Company leaders thanks fast Branch staff worked hard over the past year pay and awarded Outstanding Staff Award and other awards in recognition of outstanding performance in the 2015 work of outstanding individuals, show outstanding management personnel and excellent team.

     Gala, held in the afternoon brilliant climax after another. By the City Elevator Company added animated show "fast micro branch ladder," opened the prelude to the evening, followed by the staff brought song and dance scene attracted waves of applause, and the staff performing the sketch so that we laugh, and violin solo "water side" then take you into another situation.

   Raffle during dinner, lucky employees access to various types of rewards ranging from the annual meeting of the activities to a climax, imbued with joy and happiness. Finally, at a dinner melodious sound of music, the company leadership to employees toast, thanks for your employees hard work over the past year, I wish you a new year even better!