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Fast elevator company before the holiday rush means intensive WElift

Editor: KuaiKe Date: 2016-2-4 Browse: 2256



   February 3 and 4, located in Fuzhou Road masses of Ronda Court and Fuzhou sixty-one Middle East light garden, two new micro ladder unveiled for the public offer of a unique New Year gift. In recent days, in order to ensure that the public can Fuzhou can be used before the Spring Festival on the micro ladder, fast elevator company promptly make arrangements to speed up the production schedule, overcome all difficulties, to accelerate the completion of some micro ladder installation.
     Since March last year, slightly faster Branch ladder advent of "free installation, free maintenance, lease use the" new model of attention of the community. Just less than a year's time, the fast subjects ladder micro business grew rapidly, received orders fast elevator company has lined later next year. Currently, the fast elevator company is stepping up production schedule, increasing the production and installation of power, reasonable arrangements for the installation, ensure that the public can be installed in the shortest possible time on the micro-ladder, to solve their travel problems.