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Enterprise Event record


June 2003           Fuzhou fast elevator Industrial Co., Ltd. was established


May 2004           Division's first fast speed of 1.75m / s passenger elevator, 3000KG service lifts successful trial
August 2004       Review by the National Bureau fast elevator type test and test elevator manufacturer.

October 2004     Fast elevator industry has achieved "People's Republic of China special equipment manufacturing license."


February 2005    By the company due soon focus on integrity, excellent product quality, has been awarded the honorary title of group members in Fujian Province Quality Association.
May 2005           Enterprises subject to assessments by the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.
October 2005     The company introduced the American Express Branch SCENERY Elevator Company production management, digital control and other advanced concepts and technology.
                             2005 quick by the company through the qualification to become Fujian Special Equipment Association unit members.


2006                   Fast Company Branch breakthrough technological innovation, the successful completion of product development and villa elevators and other issues raised by the CST.
                            Fast Division production base in China officially became the Fujian Special Equipment Inspection special equipment operator practice exams base.


2007                    The company developed the Fast Branch villa elevators and elevator put into the framework of integrated market, to fill the gaps in the market of old buildings to install elevators.
August 2007       Served quickly by the company Housing Industry Association executive director of Fujian Province, the first council units.
December 2007 By the company through the Provincial Science and Technology Department assessment, access to high-tech enterprises that certificate.


August 2008         By the quick by the company and approved by the credit rating was rated AAA credit rating companies.
September 2008  Fast Division personnel training implementation plan and Fuzhou Construction Engineering vocational secondary schools jointly run "fast elevator class."
October 2008      By the company's first fast speed of 3m / s no room high-speed sightseeing staircase successful trial and confirmed by the state, the province with the industry record refresh.
October 2008      By the company fast test tower completed and put into use.
October 2008      By the company to step up fast software and hardware infrastructure to improve the pace of the workshop ready a new control cabinet, new modern office building and elevator 4S flagship center construction.
December 2008  Quality and Technical Supervision in Fujian Province, led a delegation led by the company to quickly conduct tours, company executives throughout the cordial reception.
December 2008  Companies to invest in new technology research and development centers and overseas marketing center in New York, to further strengthen the enterprise level strength in overseas markets.


March 2009      The company successfully achieved national fast Branch issued Class A passenger elevator manufacturing, installation, alteration maintenance qualification certificate.
March 2009       By the company fast new modern office building and elevator 4S flagship center is completed and put into use
March 2009       The company achieved rapid Branch Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued approval "People's Republic of China special equipment manufacturing license" (No. TS2310118-2003), Class A passenger elevator manufacturing qualification, becoming the only province lift A-class manufacturing enterprise.
April 2009          The company was awarded the Fujian Branch fast when the newspaper industry and commerce business integrity advocacy unit certificate.


2010                   quick by the company through the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification.


February 2011   The company was awarded the "top of the car door and the integration means" practical patent certificate State Intellectual Property Office.
May 2011            by the company is eligible for quick approval by the rating committee, it was rated AAA credit rating companies.
November 2011 by the company has been granted fast-group members honorary title of Fujian Province Quality Association.
December 2011 by the State Intellectual Property Office issued a "steel outdoor elevator shaft," "elevator car reward system", "Free-mounted steel frame integrated elevator" utility model patent certificate.


Section 2012      The company moved quickly to Beaufort town Cangshan District, Fuzhou Jinweizhou 61, set up fast elevator and Technology Industrial Park, covers an area of ​​300 acres.
September 2012  Mayor Xingping City, Shaanxi Province, Su Xiaomei his party come to Division I visited, praised our advanced technology products and beautiful factory environment, and invite our families to Xingping investment planner quick northwest manufacturing center.
December 2012  Fuzhou University Fuzhou fast elevator Industrial Co., Ltd., was set up in the fast branch Fuzhou University Bachelor of intelligent building electrical and practice base, awarding ceremony was held in the fast-Branch Industrial Park December 19.


April 2013          Made by the company manufacturing quality fast escalators and moving walkways L≤35.0m of H≤8.0m.
July 2013           By the company to obtain fast passenger lifts 6m / s of manufacturing quality.
2013                   By the company to promote the rapid development strategy, have set up branch quick service center in each region Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanchang and Fujian Province, and began to serve the local sales department and user.
                             Since 2004, soon by the company in Fuzhou special equipment safety responsibility system for annual assessment of the industry, for five consecutive years was named the Quality and Technical Supervision, Fuzhou five-star business.


March 2014         Fast elevator marketing strategy Publicizing general meeting, marketing and deployment of fast elevator service centers special work.
April 2014             By the company soon released fast elevator service center and extended service lift two innovative products in Fuzhou.
May 2014              Fast Branch exhibitors China International Elevator Exhibition held in Guangzhou, 300 million yuan to build the ladder to become the king of the show highlights.
                               AQSIQ Special Equipment Bureau Cui Gang Investigation fast elevator old building installation mode.
June 2014             By the company as an innovative technology project results in the exhibition only lift 618 exhibitors show.
September 2014  Branch with fast frame structure integrated modular elevator debut Xiamen, then gradually promoted in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province and other parts of the country.
December 2014   The first fast elevator products in Fuzhou City Exhibition Center officially opened, customers can tailor-made home elevators, enjoy "one-stop" service.
 November 2014 Fujian fast urban construction department was established 28 additional Elevator Co., Ltd., became the only company specializing in both residential only additional elevator business.


February 2015      By the company's rapid urban construction department of Fujian fast elevator Limited Release of old buildings to install additional ultimate solution, the introduction of intelligent running style of old buildings to install elevators - Micro ladder.
March 2015          Set livable, digital, security, equal to an intelligent multifunctional intelligent products - micro ladder in Fuzhou appeared and began serving the public to accept the application.
May 2015             Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and his entourage visited the fast elevator company added Urban Construction Bureau.
September 2015  Fast elevator new product launches in September held in Xiamen, release micro staircase fast elevator series of new products.
November 2015    With the integration of modular steel elevator for the first time in Huizhou, Guangdong appearance, causing concern.