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      Fuzhou fast elevator Industrial Co., Ltd. is a born in Fuzhou, Fuzhou root in the development of the national high-tech enterprises in Fuzhou. From its inception in 2003, has developed into one of the current 512 employees, professional development, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and renovation of the elevator A-class enterprises, Fujian Province to become the largest and most solid technical strength of the elevator manufacturing enterprises.

       Currently manufacturing license qualification approved by the state up to 6m / s, higher than the industry benchmark for companies such as Otis, Mitsubishi; products in the five-star hotels, real estate and high-end business floor king elevator market are widely used, with 20 number of inventions and utility model patents, enterprises through ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, GB / T14001 environmental management system certification GB / T28001-2001 occupational safety and health management system certification.

        The company developed the original "integrated building blocks with steel elevator" has become an additional old residential elevator industry benchmark, from a technical level to solve the old residential elevator installation difficult problem. E Series Ultra high-speed elevators and special elevators called SCENERY elevator in the classic, original ONP intelligent control technology, the development process of the world's iconic elevator technology. Technology to create quality, SCENERY elevator is the integration of advanced technology and art at the apex of one.

       Fuzhou fast elevator company cited international advanced manufacturing technology and design; has a skilled, good management of high-quality compound management team, as well as in the vertical transportation technology, product development, marketing professionals and skilled professional installation team. With solid financial strength, the company has spent the introduction of foreign intelligence production equipment, such as multifunction presses, robots CNC cutting machine, high precision electronic equipment, extensive use of "CAD", "CAM", "CAPP" aided design system.

       At present, the company's research and development department fast SCENERY brand lift are: passenger lifts, elevators, villa elevators, sightseeing elevators, lifts, medical elevators, escalators, walkways, car ladder, staircase, and other meals, diverse model specifications . Company specifically for each customer tailor-made a variety of specific transport solutions, to create consistent with the public life, buildings and architectural style that matches perfectly elevator.

       Every SCENERY elevator owned or pretty chic, elegant or rustic appearance, and resting reveal prowess temperament are quick by the company to lift the extreme aesthetic creative artistic pursuit; she demands a comprehensive effort stable performance, high carrying comfort and safety due to fast by the         company are dedicated to adhere to the concept of advanced technology armed; SCENERY elevator in the details at luxurious low energy, high power drive system components, selection of decorative green pollution-free configuration They are derived from the fast social responsibility by the company and should be well versed in the development of environmental protection industry and actively promote the contract, as well as the immense respect and respect for humanity.

       Enjoy fast elevator, experience infinite comfortable. Fast Branch company attaches importance to the views of every customer, relying on the elevator network monitoring system, faster, more direct, more efficient running of the elevator and the elevator fault code information collected and aggregated information to the database network monitoring system to achieve without geographical limited customer information management systems, and promote product improvement and timely tracking maintenance. Fast Branch Company to make every effort to provide a relaxed quality, efficient and personalized services to the highest standards.